In 2012, we changed our business plan.  We decided that we as a company could do better for the animals.  After extensive research on how the rest of the world transports its animals, we decided to start importing European trailers that offered Humane features such as On board water systems that were capable of storing water, misting animals to keep them cool and water drinkers so that all species of animals could drink clean water while in transit.  These trailers are fully hydraulic (no chutes or ramps for animals to climb) and also have fans for forced ventilation.   We also started to retrofit some of our existing trailers with the same features.   More recently we have combined a standard North American pot belly trailer with the features of a European trailer.  Fans, water, drinkers and air lift ramps.

We are extremely passionate about Humane animal transport and will continue to push forward into the future to better the way animals are transported.