Our fleet features twenty company tractors and two owner-operators. The variety of trailers we own are listed below and are available to go anywhere in North America. We have twenty-eight livestock trailers in a variety of sizes and capabilities. They include:

  • Four 53’ convertible livestock/freight tri-axle pots that are capable of hauling livestock in one direction and the freight in another
  • Two 53′ tri axle livestock pots with four decks
  • Four 53’ tri-axle livestock pots with three decks
  • Twelve 48’ three deck livestock trailers
  • Two 48’ four deck livestock trailers
  • One 53′ Barrett 3 deck Hydraulic trailer
  • One 53′ Pezzaioli 3 deck Hydraulic trailer
  • Three 53′ Pezzaioli 3+4 deck Hydraulic trailers

Many of our livestock pots are equipped with sprinkler and/or drinking systems. This allows us to mist the animals in extreme weather conditions or to enable a drinking source which increases the animals’ comfort during transit; each watering system holds approximately 100 gallons of water.

Our six 53’ freight vans are available for the transport of dry commodities anywhere.

We have a tandem double deck straight trucks with hydraulic loading ramps including:

  • ‘The  ‘Warden’ – is a 30.5’ unit, designed to minimize stress on the animals

The ‘Little White Pickup’ is also available for any kind of small movements.